Jerusalem Journey | About Us

Options are endless!

The Jerusalem Journey is a professional travel service dedicated to providing people a exciting and overall FUN experience of Israel. We pride ourselves on high level service and innovative customized programs. This type of experience is beneficial for all ages and its impact lasts a lifetime. 

We partner with non for profit organizations, companies, universities as well as private family groups to expose travelers to an authentic middle eastern experience.  Our passionate and professional team, create highly specialized and thus, unique programs to best cater to our clients.

Our team members who are listed below, possess decades of experience in Israeli tourism. Just ask any of our 10,000 visitors to Israel each year!

Who we are

Arnon Katz
Founder and CEO
Pinhas Lin
Director of the Spanish-speaking department
Dikla Dukan
Educational Coordinator
Chaim Goldberg
Groups Coordinator
Hodaya Nehemia
Spanish speaking groups coordinator
Gilad Schimmel
Logistical Coordinator
Tamar Dick
Logistical Coordinator
Aaron Frankel
Logistical Coordinator
Pe'erli Gower
logistical Coordinator